The development of ski safety at Tahko is taken as a daily task. Our professional staff takes care of safety at the slopes, at venues and lifts. Proper slope behavior and rule observation is everyone's duty. When everybody follows the same rules, the slope area is safe and it is pleasant to be there. The staff and the ski instructors will help and guide you with pleasure.

People in orange vests moving on the slopes are our Ski Patrol staff. If you have any questions or in case of any help, you can freely ask them.
Make your day on the slopes safe and untroubled. You can read the slope rules here.

Please remember also the following:

When making after-ski plans, keep in mind that using the slopes under the influence of alcohol/drugs is forbidden. People under the influence of alcohol endanger themselves and others. Lifts can be used only with the equipment meant for skiing or snowboarding. The staff have the right to cancel a ski-pass of a person who does not follow the rules.

Walking on the slopes is prohibited. There is a special route of “Joke Striitti” for walkers which is to the left from the slope “Special” if look at it from the bottom. It is possible to get to the restaurants on the hill by car from the road Varpaisjärventie.
Child backpack transportation in the lift or while skiing on the slope is strictly prohibited. A child moving with a lift has to use proper skiing equipment.

Dodge moving on the slopes machines and snow mobiles.

First Aid Room can be found at the bottom of the kids' slope. If the staff of the emergency room is not on the spot, call +358 17 481 200.

In case of an accident on the slope area:

     1. Please contact the staff at the nearest lift station or call +35817 481 200.
     2. Help the injured, if you know what to do.
     3. Prevent new accidents.
     4. Guide help on the scene of the accident.

The personnel on the sopes is trained to provide the first aid and, if necessary, to move the injured down the slope.

Finnish Red Cross-trained volunteers
are also present on the slopes to ensure safety and to provide efficient first aid. A volunteer can be called on the spot by contacting the nearest lift station or the first aid office.



Tahkonrinteet /The Slopes of Tahko/
Tahkolaaksontie 1
+358 17-481 200

The main duty officer on the slopes is Janne Marjo



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