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Skiing and snowboarding

Have fun at Tahko Ski Resort

Boasting pristinely manicured slopes, excellent services, a varied event program and a relaxed atmosphere, Tahko Mountain has it all! Tahko’s slopes are the largest in Eastern Finland and the fourth largest in the country. With the slopes facing two different directions, you can always find a spot to enjoy the sunshine, or watch the sunset.

The varied terrain of the slopes means Tahko has something for everyone, from children and beginners wanting a relaxed day out, to more experienced skiers looking for a thrilling day on the downhill.

  • 25 slopes, up to 1.2 km long and 200m elevation difference
  • Tahko Snowpark on four slope areas
  • Mini Mountain area for beginners
  • Total 15 lifts, including 2 chair lifts, 4 buttons and 1 carpet lift
  • Ski school, two equipment rental shops, ski maintenance and dedicated Ski Patrol
  • 5 on-slope restaurants, 7 shelters
  • Free Skibus connection

Slope opening hours


  • Daily from 9.30AM to 7PM


  • Mon-Sat from 9AM to 5PM
  • Sundays from 9AM to 2PM

Ski pass prices

Basic prices for season 2023-2024

Low season 15.-21.4.2024 | Ski passes -30%

You can purchase Tahko ski passes from the online store 24/7, as well as from the ticket machines at Western slopes, Tahkolaakso, and the main lift line 24/7. Additionally, tickets can be obtained from Tahkolaakso and Tirol sales points during their respective opening hours. For the time being, it is only possible to use sports benefits for payment at physical ticket sales points.

Slopes for kids and beginners

Mini Mountain

Mini Mountain area makes starting the hobby even easier. This action-packed area is located next to Tahko Mountain Ski school, equipment rental and restaurant services. The area includes a covered carpet lift, a button lift, lean-to shelter and a separate, more affordable ticket type; 15€/2 hours and 25€/day.

Number 8 on a slope map.

Lännen Helppo

This gentle slope is located on the western slopes side. The slope is 700 meters long and features a button lift, a lean-to shelter, and an easy Kids slopestyle park for practicing tricks. The slope is connected to Lumilaakso main lifts and thereby also to the front slopes. Lumilaakso main lift is accessible by car.

Number 24 on a slope map.


One of the most popular slopes on the western slope side. T-bar and button lift, lean-to shelter, restaurant, parking area nearby. Lumilaakso is easily accessible via the transition from the main lift at the front slopes. Those in the family who enjoy performing tricks appreciate the facilities of the nearby Tahko Freestyle Park.

Number 14 on a slope map.

Slope information

Slope maps

Slope-specific information

Lift-specific information

Connection-run information


Tahko Mountain Ski school

In Tahko Mountain´s cheerful ski school, you can safely explore a new sport, refine your skiing skills as the season approaches, or upgrade your abilities to the next level.

Instruction is available in alpine skiing, snowboarding, telemark, and cross-country skiing – in different type of courses as well as private lessons, for both children and adults.

Equipment rental & sport shops

In Tahko’s slope area, two equipment rental shops are at your service, offering rentals for skis, snowboards, boots, helmets, poles, harnesses, cross-country skis, and other gear for snowy adventures – for both adults and children.

In the shops adjacent to the rental services, you can complement your equipment with top brands, whether you’re heading to the slopes, the cross-country track, cycling, training, or just enjoying the outdoors.


Slope restaurants

Tahko’s slope restaurants are open all day, every day, so you can have a break without leaving the slopes. Whether you’re skiing with your children, friends, or business guests, the wide range of restaurants means you always have plenty of options to choose from.

Pehku and Panorama on the top of, Tirol next to main lift station, Lännen Kaisla at the Western slopes and Kunkku next to Tahkolaakso parking space. Enjoy!

Contact information

Find more information, including our contact details, opening hours, P-area addresses, frequently asked questions, delivery terms, track shifts and more on the Tahko Mountain website.

Tahko Mountain ph. +358 29 170 7030 ( 0,0835 €/ph + 0,1669 €/min )

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Tahko Alpine School works in conjunction with Nilsiä primary and secondary schools, offering young, aspiring athletes a balanced, safe and personalised environment for growth, study and coaching. Alpine School students and the coaching team practice on their home slope in Tahko throughout the winter season.

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