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Low season

Low season

The best time for indulgence.

Ski the rush out

Sunny spring nature invites you to enjoy winter sports and outside of the busiest seasons, prices are at their most affordable.

Head your skis to Tahko and experience the most captivating combination of adventure, sports, and indulgence in spring – all at low season prices!

low season
Low season

Weekdays in weeks
14-17 and 2-7

5 reasons to travel outside of the busiest season

  1. Responsibility
    The distribution of tourist numbers across all months of the calendar year enables year-round development of the area, including services, trails, events, and employment opportunities.
  2. Experiencing the local culture
    Outside of the busiest peaks, also the locals have more time, so if you wish, you can engage in unhurried conversations with the area’s workers, students and residents.
  3. Absence of crowds
    How does it sound to ski down untouched slopes after a well-rested night and a leisurely breakfast? To ski on trails amidst silence, gaze at the starry sky with your best friend, or savor excellent food while focusing on the present moment?
  4. Lower prices
    Like in most other tourist resorts, Tahko also follows seasonal pricing. Timing your vacation, remote work week or other gatherings outside of the Finnish ski holiday weeks 8-10 or busiest weekends can result in significant savings on your trip – or the opportunity to experience more for the same amount of money.
  5. Leisureliness
    Traveling outside of the busiest season is more relaxed, and not all services need to be booked months in advance. So, take the rush out and enjoy yourself spontaneously according to your mood.

April accommodation offers

uudet huoneet

Weeknights at the hotel
from 180€/2 persons/night

Experience the atmosphere of the beautifully renovated hotel next to all services and activities. Starting from -price available online, where the price is always the most affordable.

low season

3 nights for the price of 2
from 270€/4 persons/3nights

Spring fun with lower prices! The offer applies to new bookings made between April 2nd and April 30th, 2024, and it activates at the checkout stage with the promo code: HUHTI24.

low season

Weeknights in the villa
from 717€/8 persons/3nights 

In the four-bedroom semi-detached villas, there is ample space for even larger groups. An excellent destination also for remote work or gatherings! Skibus connection next to villas.

Red Apartments

Bright apartments for vacation! The campaign applies to “Vuori” and “Golf” apartments, and prices include a spa ticket and free use of the gym. Valid for bookings 1.-30.4.2024, campaign code: LOW24

Three nights
for the price of two

Take a last-minute vacation, have fun at events, or relocate your remote workstation to Tahko – even with a larger group or family! Campaign is valid 2.-21.4.2024, check availabilities online.

majoitus accommodation

All accommodations
from the shop

In addition to the recommendations above, you can also view all available accommodations from our shop. Cottages, villas, and apartments – for both large and small groups!

low season

The most most popular spring adventures

  1. Skiing down the slopes
    With 25 slopes, 15 lifts, Mini Mountain, snow parks, banked turns, and colorful events, a day on the slopes at Tahko is anything but dull.
  2. Ziplining from the mountaintop
    Finland’s longest zipline is open year-round, offering changing scenery with the seasons. Book in advance or enjoy spontaneously!
  3. Cross-country skiing trip to lean-to shelter
    Raise your heart rate or ski while enjoying the warmth of the sun – from golf courses to cottage villages, from fields to forests, and from the frozen lake to the highest hills.
  4. Indulging in a forest spa
    Five pools, three saunas, a stunning lounge, yoga, and guided relaxation sessions. Experience Tahko’s beauty and indulgence to the fullest.
  5. Hiking in nature and cycling on trails
    Take a walk to the top, have a picnic by the campfire, or embark on a longer adventure cycling.
  6. After-ski and night runs
    Experience the most relaxed afternoon carnivals of the season or head straight to Tahko’s legendary night.
  7. Indoor sports activities
    Bowling alley, gym, SuperCorner, golf simulator, escape rooms, glow-in-the-dark mini golf, spa, and game lounge.

End-of-season prices 15.-21.4.2024
for slopes and ski school

Ski passes -30%

“Halpaa Hupia” ski pass prices are valid
on the last week of this skiing season (15.-21.4).
Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 5PM,
Sunday from 9AM to 2PM.

Three for the price of one

Spring fun at ski school, only one pays!
Try a new sport or upgrade your skills.
60€ / 50minutes for 1-3 persons or
110€ / 100minutes for 1-3 persons.

Food and pampering





Spring events

What if you stayed for the weekend too?

April weekends are filled with sports, adventures, and the best parties – check out all the events on the calendar and join in on the fun!

Please note that our event calendar is only available in Finnish.

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