Tahko Golf Club

Tahko Golf Club

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Tahko Golf Club

Tahko’s golf courses are known for their player friendliness. Tahko Old Course is located right in the heart of Tahko Holiday Resort and Lake & Forest course in its own privacy, at the Golden Resort area.

Tahko’s 18-lane Old Course is one of the most beautiful and player-friendliest golf courses in Finland. It is famous for the stunning views of the lake and the slopes of Tahko. The golf centre is also ideal for the guest players, as all the services a golfer needs are within a walking distance from the course.

Tahko Golf Club´s other course, the 18-lane Lake & Forest requires more precision from players, as there is elevation differences, waterways and narrow fairways. From Golden Resort you’ll also find all the services a golfer needs – a wide training area, a versatile golf club services, meeting venues, luxury accommodation and restaurant services from catering to gatherings.

Tahko Golf Club services

  • Tahko Old Course
    • 18-lane golf course in the center of Tahko
    • 3-lane Pitch & Putt -training course and range

  • TrackMan 4 golf simulator located at Tahko Spa Hotel
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