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Things to do

Things to do

Experience an unforgettable combination of adventure, sports and leisure activities.

New experiences await

Tahko provides an unforgettable combination of adventure, sports and leisure activities, with something fun for everyone all year round.

Find activities to suit your mood, interesting places to visit, and incredible attractions and events covering everything from sports to music and more.

Whether you plan your trip in advance or indulge in a spontaneous adventure, in Tahko you’ll feel right at home.

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For the thrill seekers

Tahko’s uniquely wide range of activities means there’s always enough to keep even the biggest thrill-seekers happy. Choose your favorite kind of action!

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For the connoisseurs

Disconnecting from everyday life and recharging the batteries is made easy by the most comfortable accommodation, restaurants and relaxation opportunities.

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For the adventurers

Tahko’s unique atmosphere, beautiful lake landscape and steep slopes rising from the middle of the forest have enticed adventurers for decades.

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