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Tahko Skibus

Free Skibus

Tahko Skibus schedules

You can get around the area without your own car with Tahko’s free skibus, whether you’re arriving in the area, heading from your cottage to the slopes, completing your shopping, or heading to other activities.

The skibus is free between Tahko and Nilsiä, and it also connects you to paid onward connections from Nilsiä to other destinations. You can also check out direct routes from Kuopio to Tahko offered by Kuopio Regional Public Transportation.

The schedule below is valid from December 2, 2023, to April 14, 2024.

The stops and stop-specific schedules of Tahko Ski Bus are also marked in the Kuopio region public transportation Vilkku service, where you can easily find the nearest stop for yourself.


Monday – Friday

Kuopio, Travel Center7.5014.3516.25
Siilinjärvi, bus station8.1515.0016.50
Nilsiä, bus station8.5515.3517.20
Change to the Ski Bus
S-Market Nilsiä stop8.5510.5513.0515.4017.2018.25
Nilsiä, bus station9.0011.0013.1015.4517.2518.30
Golden Resort main gate9.1011.1013.2015.5517.3518.40
Petäjälahti stop9.1211.1213.2215.5717.3718.42
Rinnepelto stop9.1311.1313.2315.5817.3818.43
Loma-Rantala stop9.1411.1413.2415.5917.3918.44
Tintintaival stop9.1511.1513.2516.0017.4018.45
Tahkolahti | Slopes9.2011.2013.3016.0517.4518.50
Papinniitty stop9.2211.2213.3216.0717.4718.52
Tahko Spa Hotel9.2511.2513.3516.1017.5018.55
Puustila stopTTTTTT
Klubitie stopTTTTTT
Break Sokos Hotel Tahko9.3011.3013.4016.1517.5519.00
Tahko Center stop9.3011.3013.4016.1517.5519.00
Papinniitty stop9.3211.3213.4216.1717.5719.02
Tintintaival stop9.3311.3313.4316.1817.5819.03
Loma-Rantala stop9.3411.3413.4416.1917.5919.04
Rinnepelto stop9.3411.3413.4416.1917.5919.04
Petäjälahti stop9.3511.3513.4516.2018.0019.05
Golden Resort main gate9.3711.3713.4716.2218.0219.07
Nilsiä, bus station9.5011.5014.0016.3518.1519.20
S-Market Nilsiä stopTTTTTT
Change from the Ski Bus
Nilsiä, bus station13.0514.0520.15
Siilinjärvi, bus station13.3514.3520.50
Kuopio, Travel Center14.0015.0021.15
T = The services operates only as needed or by request via phone: 017 368 6800 / E.Ahonen Ky

On weekdays falling on public holidays, Tahko Skibus operates according to Sunday schedules. These days include Independence Day on December 6th, Boxing Day on December 26th, New Year’s Day on January 1st, Epiphany on January 6th, Good Friday on March 29th, and Easter Monday on April 1st, 2024. On Christmas Eve, December 24th, and Christmas Day, December 25th, 2023, Tahko Skibus does not operate.


Kuopio, Travel Center10.0015.50
Siilinjärvi, bus station10.2516.15
Nilsiä, bus station11.0016.50
Change to the Ski Bus
S-Market Nilsiä stop8.5510.5512.5514.5516.55
Nilsiä, bus station9.0011.0013.0015.0017.00
Golden Resort main gate9.1011.1013.1015.1017.10
Petäjälahti stop9.1211.1213.1215.1217.12
Rinnepelto stop9.1311.1313.1315.1317.13
Loma-Rantala stop9.1411.1413.1415.1417.14
Tintintaival stop9.1511.1513.1515.1517.15
Tahkolahti | Slopes9.2011.2013.2015.2017.20
Papinniitty stop9.2211.2213.2215.2217.22
Tahko Spa Hotel9.2511.2513.2515.2517.25
Puustila stop9.2911.2913.2915.2917.29
Klubitie stop9.2911.2913.2915.2917.29
Break Sokos Hotel Tahko9.3511.3513.3515.3517.35
Tahko Center stop9.3511.3513.3515.3517.35
Papinniitty stop9.3711.3713.3715.3717.37
Tintintaival stop9.3811.3813.3815.3817.38
Loma-Rantala stop9.3911.3913.3915.3917.39
Rinnepelto stop9.3911.3913.3915.3917.39
Petäjälahti stop9.4011.4013.4015.4017.40
Golden Resort main gate9.4211.4213.4215.4217.42
Nilsiä, bus station9.5511.5513.5515.5517.55
S-Market Nilsiä stopTTTTT
Change from the Ski Bus
Nilsiä, bus station11.4517.30
Siilinjärvi, bus station12.2018.05
Kuopio, Travel Center12.4518.30
T = The services operates only as needed or by request via phone: 017 368 6800 / E.Ahonen Ky


Kuopio, Travel Center12.30
Siilinjärvi, bus station12.50
Nilsiä, bus station13.20
Change to the Ski Bus
S-Market Nilsiä stop8.4510.4512.4514.4516.45
Nilsiä, bus station8.5010.5012.5014.5016.50
Golden Resort main gate9.0011.0013.0015.0017.00
Petäjälahti stop9.0211.0213.0215.0217.02
Rinnepelto stop9.0311.0313.0315.0317.03
Loma-Rantala stop9.0411.0413.0415.0417.04
Tintintaival stop9.0511.0513.0515.0517.05
Tahkolahti | Slopes9.1011.1013.1015.1017.10
Papinniitty stop9.1211.1213.1215.1217.12
Tahko Spa Hotel9.1511.1513.1515.1517.15
Puustila stop9.1911.1913.1915.1917.19
Klubitie stop9.1911.1913.1915.1917.19
Break Sokos Hotel Tahko9.2511.2513.2515.2517.25
Tahko Center stop9.2511.2513.2515.2517.25
Papinniitty stop9.2711.2713.2715.2717.27
Tintintaival stop9.2811.2813.2815.2817.28
Loma-Rantala stop9.2911.2913.2915.2917.29
Rinnepelto stop9.2911.2913.2915.2917.29
Petäjälahti stop9.3011.3013.3015.3017.30
Golden Resort main gate9.3211.3213.3215.3217.32
Nilsiä, bus station9.4511.4513.4515.4517.45
S-Market Nilsiä stopTTTTT
Change from the Ski Bus
Nilsiä, bus station14.4515.45
Siilinjärvi, bus station15.2016.15
Kuopio, Travel Center15.4516.45
T = The services operates only as needed or by request via phone: 017 368 6800 / E.Ahonen Ky