Tahko.com online booking is maintained by TAHKOcom Ltd, which is the Central Booking Office of Tahko holiday services. In order to get the best out of the service, please read the following instructions, as well as the more extensive “quick instructions”, if necessary.


CHOOSE THE END AND START DATE, as well as the criteria you wish, on top of the window and find the alternatives. You can also leave out other criteria, but in this case you will get a list of all the holiday homes. You can find more criteria under the “search” button (“advanced search”). All the holiday homes listed are available for the time of your request. If you wish to see the prices for another dates, make a new search for those dates.

You can get more information on the holiday home by clicking its name on the list. On the page of basic information, you can find the overall presentation of the holiday home, as well as “See pictures”, “See panorama” and “In cart” buttons. “In cart” button can also be found on the list of holiday homes. “See panorama” button loads a video presentation on the holiday home, which in some computers may load very slowly. You can add the holiday homes you choose to the shopping cart and add extra services such as final cleaning and sheets. Notice: in some holiday homes, and in all international (outside EU) reservations, final cleaning and sheets are mandatory.

When you have collected the chosen items to your shopping cart, you can move to cash register by clicking “checkout” button. Upon checkout, you will be asked to fill in your information, some of which are mandatory. You should also fill in the number of people staying in each holiday home. You can pay the reservation entirely in net bank or we can send you preliminary and final bills.

TAHKOcom Ltd, Tahko Central Booking Office

In November 2004 we started using our current name Tahko Central Booking Office which best describes our role in Tahko area. In Tahko Central Booking Office you can find accommodation, programme services, meeting facilities and transportation as well as tailor made packages from all of the above.

Tahko Central Booking Office has been selling travel services of Tahko area for 15 years. The company has a credit standing of best AAA-category, and we serve approximately 60 000 customers annually. Our selection covers approximately 900 holiday homes which is more than 6 000 beds. More than 800 holiday homes are also presented in the internet on our online booking service.

Please see the quick innstructions below, see our services and holiday homes in the internet and make a reservation. You can request an offer also by email tahkovuori@tahko.com, or call our sales service at +358 17 481 111 mo-fri 9am – 4.30 pm.

Quick instructions:

The list will show you the entire selection of our holiday homes presented in the internet.

The easiest way to start is to choose the criteria most important to you (such as distance to the slopes) and pressing “search” –button. This will give you a list of all the holiday homes which meet your criteria.

From the list, you can find the ones available at the time of your request and for the number of people you wish. Check the calendar to find the starting and end dates and fill in the number of people staying in the holiday home. The available holiday homes and their prices will then appear on the screen.

If you can not find a suitable holiday home, try changing the dates or the number of people.

Notice: Even though some cottages have a minimum length of stay, also certain dates (such as Christmas, new year, weeks 8-9, march and Easter) have a minimum length of stay of one week (starting from Friday of Sunday) or a four day seasonal package. In other cases, the normal length of stay is 4-5 days on weekdays or 2-3 days during weekends. The starting day can never be Saturday. If the online reservation system lets you make such a reservation, we will contact you to change it according to the above mentioned rules. If you make a reservation to a cottage where pets are allowed and YOU BRING YOUR PET ALONG, please let us know! We will then inform the service staff and add a cleaning fee of 15 euros to your bill.

You can also modify the order of holiday homes presented in the list by clicking the title “code”, “name”, “price” or “persons”. You can read the information on a particular holiday home by clicking its row in the list. Most of the holiday homes also have a “panorama / additional information” button, which will let you have a more thorough look at the holiday home.

Notice: the shopping cart will automatically add a service charge of 15 euros to your reservation.

Notice: In international reservations (=countries outside EU) our service package includes sheets (19 euros per person), final cleaning (45-250 euros) and liability fee (20 euros) which will be added to the price of accommodation. We recommend that all international reservations should be made on our English sites which will automatically show the total price of the service package.