Tahko offers a wonderful possibility to explore its area by bike.

Mountain biking is one of the most popular ways to move around in Tahko both on the roads and off-roads. Marked mountain routes are available for all fitness levels: you can take the most challenging routes and enjoy relief differences or just have a pleasant ride through charming landscapes with the whole family.

Tahko outdoor recreation routes (PDF)



  • 100 km reacreation routes for biking

  • On the way of some routes the hight difference is 200 m

Mountain bikers from around the world gather in Tahko for “Tahko MTB” event which is annually organized at the end of June. The length of bike routes runs from 25 km up to 240 km on the way of which there are many other side events for all cycling enthusiasts.

Bicycles for rent can be found from 
SkiMac Tirol(professional bicycles).







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