With Rotorway’s helicopters, you can enjoy scenic views from the skies or travel from one place to another via taxi flights. Scenic flights are organized in various lengths, starting from five minutes to longer, 45-minute flights. Flights are operated with three different-sized helicopters, so with advance booking, comprehensive experience services are also available for groups of all sizes. At Tahko, Rotorway helicopters regularly conduct scenic flights, usually from the ski holidays until Easter.

The helicopter departure point is located on the ice of Tahkolahti, northside of Tahko Bridge, and it is easy to reach by foot from the city center, the slopes, or the ice parking lot. The helicopter can also land at Panorama´s and Pehku´s landing sites, at the top of Tahko Mountain. The minimum number of passengers for a flight is 2 people, but if you are alone and your friends are waiting on the  terrace, you can always inquire about shared rides.

Tickets can be purchased in advance online or on-site between 11 am and 5 pm (weather permitting).

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