first snow ski track

Season opening November 12th, 2021

First snow ski track

Tahkolaaksotie 1

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Tahko’s first snow ski track

Tahko’s first snow ski track will be opened on Friday, 12th November at 10AM.

Starting at the edge of Tahko Valley and heading towards Nilsiä, the first snow ski track will be 900 meters long (1,8km back and forth). Grooves are located on both edges of the track, making it ideal for both freestyle and traditional skiing. The track is illuminated until 10PM.

For those arriving by car, it is easiest to drive from Sääskiniementie towards Tahkolahti and leave the car near Tahkolaakso ticket sales point in the large P area (Tahkolaaksontie 1).


  • Day ticket 15€
    • Personal ticket
  • Season ticket 90€
    • Personal ticket

These tickets are the same price for everyone. Please take your ticket with you to show to the track supervisor if necessary. It costs to ski on the first snow ski track until the natural slopes are covered in snow and officially opened.

ticket sales

Online store

Tahkolaakso ski pass machine ( Tahkolaaksontie 1 )

  • Open 24/7
  • info(at)
  • tel. +358 29 170 7030

Tahkolaakso ticket sales point ( Tahkolaaksontie 1 )

  • Open Mon-Fri fro 9am to 3pm
  • tel. +358 29 170 7030

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