rahasmäen laavu

Rahasmäki lean-to

A lovely resting place and place to visit, next to the old quartzite mine of Rahasmäki.

Rahasmäki lean-to


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The lean-to of the old mine of Rahasmäki

Located on the shores of a clear water pond in the old quartzite mine of Rahasmäki, the lean-to is a lovely place to rest and also a great place to visit in all seasons.

The mine was in operation during 1940-1948, producing about 40,000 tons of white quartzite sand and gravel.

There are two lean-to’s with fireplaces, firewood and toilet.


Rahasmäki lean-to does not have an actual address, but when arriving from Tahko, you will drive there via roads Varpaisjärventie, Tahkomäentie and Mäenalustie, about 16km total.

Rahasmäki lean-to can be reached:

  • In summer
    • by hiking and mountain biking, Rahasmäki round ( Rahasmäen kierros )
    • by car (the rest of the way is on a forest road)
  • In winter
    • by snow mobile

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