mäkiaution rotko

Mäkiautio gorge

Amazing nature attraction at Tahko.

Mäkiautio ravine

One of Tahko’s hidden gems

The stunning rocky gorge of Mäkiautio is a beautiful geological formation that stands out from the surrounding forest, located about 300m from the north side of the Panorama Bar & Cafe near the top of Tahko slopes. The area used to be difficult to access and almost hidden, but it has now been renovated into a nature destination for everyone to enjoy.

Stairs and boardwalks have been built into the gorge for about 250 meters, making it part of the Tahkon Tähtikierros -ring route during the summer season. It’s also easy to take a detour from the Tahkomäki trail ( Tahkomäen kierros ) to get to the gorge. In the middle of the gorge, there is a lean-to with stunning views where you can relax for a while.

Keep in mind that the stairway doesn’t have maintenance during the winter season and the lean-to is mainly reachable by snowmobiles or if going by foot, the visitors should consider themselves to be adventurous hikers or snowshoe enthusiasts.

Mäkiautio’s lean-to

  • Equipped with stunning views, Pöllölaavu, is a resting spot at the bottom of Mäkiautio’s ravine.
  • There’s firewood ready for use in the
    cottage behind the lean-to
  • Lean-to has latrine / toilet on site
  • Reachable by hiking, mountain biking and during the winter season by snowmobiles.
  • Remember at the ravine:
    • To respect and protect the vegetation
      growing on the rock
    • To take the trash with you and clean the
      place after your visit
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