Golf In Tahko

You can join playing golf in Tahko! Tahko offers 2 modern golf courses (Old Course and New Course) with perfect green grass - true masterpieces of landscape design!

Old Course
with 18 holes is situated in the center of Tahko. The field is located in the foreland of the peninsula on the bank of lake Syväri. It was built in 2000. The first 9 holes are located in the area with different landscape: a park, detached trees, ponds. Then after a little refreshment at the golf club there are 9 more holes with a suitable height difference, good deal of coastline with stunning views to the lake and the ski slopes. The tour ends at the golf club with a restaurant, sauna and other services. Tahko Old Course has been twice chosen the best golf course Finland.

Golf Course with 18 holes located in the territory of the tourist village of Golden Resort which is 5 km from the center of Tahko resort was built in 2008
Both Old and New Course greens differ clearly from each other. The New Course green wanders the artificial water obstacles and passes along the trees. Elevation, water obstacles and narrow zones add more interest to the game, as players require much accuracy.

In the summer of 2010 another golf course Tiirin Golf with 9 holes was built near the town of Nilsiä. There you can play without a special certificate.
If you are an avid player, choose accommodation near the field.
You have to book play golf time in advance.

Aerial view of the New Course: 


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