Tahko Flex
Rent a Tahko Flex -holiday home with more flexible terms of reservation. With Tahko Flex you can change your reservation 14 days before the start of your reservation with the following terms: Changes can be made to dates with the same prizing. If the new reservation time is more expensive than the original, the difference is billed. If the new reservation time is cheaper, the difference is not refunded. The changes have to be made within the same holiday home. The new date for the changed reservation has to be before 31.8.2021. On other matters normal terms of reservation are applied. If a reservation is changed normal terms of reservation are applied regarding the original reservation dates.
Valid between: 28.08.2020-30.04.2021
Valid for booking between: 28.08.2020-30.04.2021
Valid days of week: All weekdays
Min duration of booking:
Max duration of booking: