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Name of cottageNo of personsDistance
O00067 TAHKONTINTTI A2 2 pcs4+0 persons120 m
O00078 TAHKONTINTTI A8 4+3 persons140 m
M05055 TONTTUTIE 4A 4+2 persons150 m
O00148 TAHKONTINTTI C7 4+0 persons170 m
M04212 TAHKON PUISTO B 6+2 persons180 m
M05739 TAHKON KASUKKALA 6+2 persons190 m
M04463 KASUKKATIE 6 A 1 3 pcs6+2 persons250 m
M05724 KASUKKATIE 8B/RÄS 4+4 persons250 m
O04499 KASUKKATIE 8 B 4+4 persons250 m
N04350 KASUKKATIE 8 A 4+4 persons260 m
M05053 KASUKKATIE 4 D 4+2 persons300 m
M05910 AREENAN ASUNTO 4+4 persons340 m
N04139 TONTTUTIE 18 A 4+3 persons340 m
O00400 TAHKONTILHI A8 2+2 persons360 m
N02269 TAHKONTILHI A1 4+6 persons370 m
M05836 APARTMENT HUILI AS. 1 13 pcs4+2 persons370 m
M05474 TAHKONTILHI A6 2+4 persons390 m
O00171 TAHKONTILHI A5 4+4 persons410 m
M05768 TAHKONTILHI C2 2+3 persons430 m
O04168 TAHKONTILHI D6 2+2 persons440 m
Note! Distances have been calculated using straight line. Distance via road can differ a lot!