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Name of cottageNo of personsDistance
M05835 VILLA RAWA 6+0 persons110 m
O02468 TAHKON PAINAJAINEN B 4+6 persons130 m
M02178 KUTUSUMPPU A 4+2 persons130 m
M02184 KUTUSUMPPU B 4+2 persons130 m
O00036 MATKATAHKO A 2 pcs4+3 persons140 m
M05691 TAHKON MÖKKI 702 4+2 persons150 m
O00311 PIIPPOKUJA 4 5+3 persons180 m
O04093 DOWNHILL B 2 pcs4+2 persons180 m
O04092 DOWNHILL A 2 pcs4+2 persons190 m
O05015 TAHKON HELMI 4+8 persons190 m
M05609 LOMANIINI 4+2 persons210 m
M05486 TAHKON SUNSETTI (708) 4+2 persons210 m
M05562 LOMA-AUTTILA 713 2+4 persons220 m
M05601 TAHKON PESÄ (715) 3 pcs2+6 persons220 m
M00412 TAHKO-BUNGALOW 412 2 pcs4+1 persons240 m
M00406 TAHKO-BUNGALOW 406 2 pcs4+1 persons250 m
M05604 VILLA PR (717) 2+6 persons250 m
M00411 TAHKO-BUNGALOW 411 2 pcs4+1 persons250 m
M00405 TAHKO-BUNGALOW 405 2 pcs4+1 persons250 m
O04340 KARHURINNE 2 pcs10+4 persons260 m
Note! Distances have been calculated using straight line. Distance via road can differ a lot!