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Name of cottageNo of personsDistance
O04182 PUTTIHOVI 2 pcs11+5 persons50 m
M05322 KONTU A 6+3 persons50 m
M05693 PUTTITIE 4B 2+4 persons50 m
M05780 PUTTITIE 2B 2+4 persons70 m
M05323 KONTU B 6+3 persons70 m
O04493 KOIVULANKAARI 5 A 4+3 persons190 m
O00496 KOIVULANKAARI 5 B 4+3 persons200 m
O04086 HUILATAHKO 4+4 persons240 m
O04472 VILLA KOIVULA 8+2 persons290 m
M05908 HIRSILÄ 2+4 persons290 m
O04210 VILLA LEXIA 2 pcs8+2 persons320 m
O04181 TAHKON HASU 2 pcs6+2 persons330 m
M05629 TAHKONIEMI 3B 2 pcs4+2 persons350 m
M04176 VILLA HIPPO 8+2 persons350 m
M04505 KOIVULANTIE 12 A 2 4+4 persons350 m
O02514 FORE 2+4 persons360 m
M05558 HOVILANTIE 4 6+0 persons370 m
M04082 TAHKON NIITTY B2 6+2 persons370 m
M04077 TAHKON NIITTY A1 5 pcs6+2 persons380 m
O04204 TENUTAHKO 4+4 persons380 m
Note! Distances have been calculated using straight line. Distance via road can differ a lot!