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Name of cottageNo of personsDistance
M05183 APARTMENTS ANNA AS C1 12 pcs4+2 persons0 m
M05185 APARTMENTS ANNA AS C2 2 pcs4+2 persons40 m
O04105 TAHKOCHALET A10 4+2 persons100 m
O01878 TAHKOCHALET A6 2+2 persons110 m
M05702 SYVÄRINKAARI 14 C 6+2 persons110 m
O04154 HONKATAHKO 5 2 pcs2+3 persons120 m
O02949 TAHKOCHALET B1 2 pcs2+2 persons120 m
M05697 LEPPÄTAHKO I 1 2+4 persons120 m
M05424 JAAKKOLA 4+4 persons130 m
M05413 PUMAKUJA 4 4+4 persons140 m
M05767 HONKATAHKO 9 4+3 persons140 m
M05457 LEPPÄTAHKO 4 2 pcs2+4 persons160 m
O02904 TAHKON PAR C1 4+4 persons170 m
O03504 VIRNULA 6+1 persons170 m
M05397 UKKO 203 3 pcs2+2 persons170 m
M05396 UKKO 202 2+2 persons180 m
M05394 UKKO 107 3 pcs2+0 persons180 m
M05400 UKKO 206 2 pcs2+2 persons180 m
M02251 UKONTIE 4C 6+4 persons180 m
M05398 UKKO 204 2+2 persons180 m
Note! Distances have been calculated using straight line. Distance via road can differ a lot!