Central Booking Office TAHKOcom Oy is the central booking agency for all travel services in Tahko area. There are over 800 holiday homes available at our Online Booking Centre. Credit card payments with all major credit cards. We collect you a high-quality full service package from products of the best companies in the area. We can offer you all you need during your holiday, not just the accommodation! Our selection includes: * Meeting facilities * Snowmobile safaris and other programs * Catering services to cottages * Sauna "Mualimansauna" and Restaurant "Pehkubaari" on the top of Tahko, (J&J Liinamaa Palvelut) * Guided nature tours, sleeping in a snow cave, etc. * ATV safaris * Snow shoeing and paddling * Ice-racing (Aaltonen Motorsport) * Rental cars (Scandia Rent) * Taxi and bus services for groups * Tahko Junior Suites * Tahko-Bungalows cottages * Cottages of Lomarantala * Cottages of Rinnepelto * Syvärinkunkku and Rivitahko holiday homes * Cottages by other providers of accommodation in the area * Hundreds of holiday homes owned by private individuals * Rooms in Gasthaus Lastulahti and Loma Lahti * Accommodation all over the Kuopio Lakeland area. We can also do your groceries and provide your holiday home with all the accessories you need, from meeting facilities to highchair for the baby.


07.10.2019 - 26.04.2020
Ma - Pe  09:00 - 18:00
02.12.2019 - 18.04.2020
La  11:00 - 16:00


» Keväällä starttaa bilebussimatkat Helsingistä Tahkolle!


» MAJOITUSTARJOUS -20 % aikavälillä 17.01.-20.12.2020
» Tahkovuori Chalets B101 - 14.2.2020 saakka -20%
» KESÄ ALE! Touko-Syyskuun ennakko alennus -30% uusiin viikkovarauksiin + varausten pituus alennukset! Varaa heti Kehto F101.

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