Activities in the Nature

Wonderful natural landscapes Tahko open their arms to nature friends. Our guests have an opportunity to get a lot of positive emotions from being outdoors, walking through places where car noise does not reach, where the heart becomes purer and stronger to oppose to life difficulties.
All year round Tahko offers entertainment to please any taste.


  • Our guests can go on an unforgettable journey in a sleigh pulled by reindeer.
  • You can also go snowshoeing alone or with a guide. The equipment can be rented in the rental office "SkiMac Tirol". Just one piece of advice about a possible route: go to the top of Tahko hill, where you can also have snack at "Pehku" bar and enjoy the view to Tahko resort from the hill. If you choose a hike with a guide, you will go to the places where you can enjoy a meal cooked on the fire, seasoned with interesting stories. Our guides know really attractive places to hike. (Tahko Safarit ja Ketunpolku safarit)
  • And what about a swim in an ice hole after a sauna or night snowshoeing?
  • Are you fond of winter fishing? It is possible to organize it in Tahko. (Tahko Safarit ja Ketunpolku safarit)
  • Our entertaiment compnies are happy to intoduce you snowmobile trips that can last from several hours to severl days. (Tahko Safarit ja Ketunpolku safarit)



  • Canoeing and kayaking is one of the most exciting summer fun in Tahko. Lake Syväri with about a hundred islands offers endless options for rowing routes. You can go on a guided rowing tour can or you can rent a canoe or kayak for a self-guided tour. Ther proper planning of the route can be calculated based on the following facts: the speed of a canoe is about 3-6 km/h, and of a kayak 4-8 km/h. Boating alone is not recommended, so please do not forget to inform about your route to the people who are on the land. (Tahko Safarit ja Ketunpolku safarit)

  • You can go climbing in pairs on the rope on the wall of an old quarry and get breathtaking experience. (Tahko Safarit ja Ketunpolku safarit)

  • You can rent bikes to explore the territory of Tahko. Children can enjoy driving on children's ATV. (Tahko Farmi) 

  • In Tahko Spa you can take a sledge and glide downhill.

 All year round:

  • Fishing can be enjoyed throughout the year in Tahko. You can try fishing with a net as well. Fishing equipment and a license can be arranged through local recreation companies. *Winter fishing depends on the thickness of the ice. (Tahko Safarit ja Ketunpolku safarit)

  • In the active leisure centre of "Tahko Farmi" and on the horse farm "Kinahmi", located close to Tahko, you can ride a horse among the fascinating beauty of the landscapes. Riding does not require special training.

  • Near the multipurpose center of Tahko Spa there is a well-equipped sports and playground where you can find activities all year around for people of all ages.

    And that's not all. More information can be found on the websites of leisure activity companies or by contacting the central booking office TahkoCom.



Just find your own path to nature. And our company for leisure activities will help you with the rest of the program organization.
All aktivitety you can also order and at the central office of reservation TahkoCom email or by phone. +358 17481400.











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