Shop opening hours can be found srtaight in the shop sites if you follow the links attached to the shop names.

Shops in ТАHKO

K-Market Tahkon Tähti, Таhko
Tähtitie 1, 73310 Tahkovuori, tel. +358 1053 85303
Grocery shop near the refueling station and Tahko Spa

Таhко Sääskiniementie 560, 73310 Tahkovuori
Grocery shop in the hotel Break Sokos Hotel

Pharmacy kiosk
Sääskiniementie 560, 73310 Tahkovuori in the hotel Break Sokos Hotel
8.00-21.00 every day


Shops in Nilsiä

Artomarket Nilsiäntie 74 73300 Nilsiä
Grocery, clothing, shoes, gifts, household items. The store has a meat counter.

Shopping Centre «Kesport, Muotipiste, Rautia»
Nilsiäntie 69, 73300 Nilsiä Tel. +358 10 538 5200
The shops are located under the same roof. There you can buy sport clothes and shoes, clothes from branded manufacturers, home appliances, household goods and etc.

Nilsiäntie 75, 73300 Nilsiä
Grocery and essential commodities

Simolantie 2, 73300 Nilsiä
Clothes, interior items, tableware, essential commodities, long lasting food products

Pharmacy, Nilsiä
Nilsiäntie 65, Nilsiä

Nilsiä Laitilantie 27, 73300, Nilsiä

Nilsiäntie 73, Nilsiä Тел. +358 50 4084137
Telephone and Internet cards, payments, modems, fishing licenses, newspapers, magazines, CDs and souvenirs.


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