Kids' Tahko

There are a lot of activities for kids at Tahko every day.

  • A kids' slope, a button lift and a carpet lift are situated next to the main slope lifts and the restaurant ”Tirol”. The carpet lift is free for everybody. Children under 7 years old can use all the lifts free of charge if they have a helm on and they use the same port with their parent who helps the child.


  • Werner” skiing school is meant for children over 4 years old. But the age is not a problem as Tahko Skiing School offers private lessons for skiers of any age.


  • Children can get a lot of winter fun on the sledding hill which is conveniently located at the bottom of the kids' slope. Next to the sledding hill you can find a sled-carousel. During school skiing holidays playful downhill skiing and sledding competitions as well as other funny winter activities are organized at Tahko


  •  While coming to Tahko you can make a stop at the skiers' cafe ”Latukahvio” which is at Sääskiniementie road and enjoy observing the life of reindeer that are ready to give you a ride on a sled.


  • The entertainment center and petting zoo «Tahko Farmi» is located right in the center of Tahko. Small animal friends and their parents should take part in taking care and feeding of the animals together with a zoo worker. Here you can feed pigs, rabbits, alpacas, goats, sheep, and many other fascinating animals. You can come to the petting zoo without any reservation time during its opening hours and spend time with the animals. Participating in the programmes "Children on the farm" and "Animal lovers' club" children can enjoy a stay on a farm without their parents while Mom and Dad can have activities of their own. In “Tahko Farmi” you can ride a horse with the whole family regardless of the experience of the riders. On the farm there are children's quad bikes and the track where kids can check their driving skills.


  • At the beach of Puustila area which is right next to the Farm there is a big sleding hill. Sledding is free for everybody. We recommend you to have a helm on to enjoy full speed sleding!


  • Tahko Spa also offers a plenty of fun: Spa where is wibit, slide and childrens' pool with toys The SuperCorner indoor activity park is also situated in Spa Building.


  • Next to Tahko Spa there is an activity park for people of all ages. The park combines a sport ground and a playground. There is different game equipment, a wire rope glider and parkour area. You can find fitness equipment, walking paths, a disc golf-course with 9 baskets. In addition there is a vantage point to admire the scenery of Lake Syväri. The park is situated in the centre of Tahko resort and it is easy to get there. In winter if the weather permits, there is an ice hockey rink on the territtory of the park.



  • If the weather allows, it is possible to skate in the tourist village of Tahko Tours. There you can also rent skates.





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