On Skis to Good Mood Direction

Tahko is a wonderful place to practice cross-country skiing in free or traditional style among magnificent winter scenery. From the area of Tahko or Nilsiä you can get on skis almost everywhere. In normal winter conditions there are almost 80 km of skiing tracks available. The tracks open in late November and are maintained until April.

Ski tracks extend from the forest and ridge landscapes to Tahko and Nilsiä service centres, and then they also run about 17 km on the ice of lake Syväri. There are 16 km of illuminated tracks. Illumination is turned on with a twilight detector and turned off at about 10.15 pm. The ski track maintanance is done till 09.00 am at the latest.

One can find ski track routes of different difficulty and length. On the track routes there are cozy resting places, cafes and restaurants. For beginners we recommend Aholansaari ice track (the tracks are marked with a red line on the map) or pleasant Golflatu track which reaches Tahko Spa Hotels. Skiers who miss extra splashes of energy can follow the direction of Rahasmäen latu track with very challenging ascents and descents.

Cross-country skiing equipment can be rented from the ski rent companies either “SkiMac Tirol” or “Head”. If your ski equipment needs repairing, you can leave it for professional care in the same rent companies.

In addition Tahko ski school offers lessons in cross-country skiing.

The current situation on skiing tracks can be found here.
In order not to lose the way, keep Tahko ski track map in your pocket. The map is available at almost all receiptions in Tahko.
On the skiing way there is a cafe for skiers, lean-tos, huts, service spots and even restaurants.

It is easy to get to the cafe for skiers “Latukahvio” situated by the Sääskiniementie road on foot, by car or by snowmobile. In the courtyard of the cafe visitors can meet some pets and reindeer that are ready to ride their guests with a sledge on a trip.

There are other places for having a rest like restaurants of the center of Tahko and Aholansaari island camp center, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or have lunch. When on Aholansaari island it is worth visiting the museum of Paavo Ruotsalainen.
It is pleasant to enjoy late winter sunshine skiing along Rantalatu track which runs on the ice between the café for skiers and Aholansaari island.
The museum of Nilsiä together with the museum café are open daily during school skiing holidays.






Nilsiä-Tahko cross country skiing map (PDF format)



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