Smart Tahko project will integrate the smart technology to Tahko area

The new project Smart Tahko will bring together different professionals and organizations from energy and technology field to develop Tahko area as a first smart travel area in Finland!

The aim of the project is to make the Tahko tourist area a leading smart destination in Finland. Smart destination means that destination highly relies on technology and smart services.

It is known that Tahko is Finland's first major tourist destination, whose development model is being built on smart knowledge. The work has already gained widespread interest in various industries.

The aim is organize and lead Tahko with the help of smart technology. Wireless, keyless, TahkoApp and unmanned electronic Skibus are the main themes that are driving the project forward, says Pekka Vihma, project leader and TAHKOcom's Chairman of the Board.

The work has just started, but there has been a lot of interest in the project. Cooperation with the city of Kuopio and the Pohjois-Savo Union has begun rapidly. In addition to corporate funding, the work has also received AKKE funding through the Pohjois-Savo Association.

The SmartTahko project is an excellent example of what project funding can promote and achieve in a relatively short period of time. The project creates preconditions for sustainable activities in the Tahko area in a versatile and quite concrete way, comments Kari Tarkiainen, financial expert of the Pohjois-Savo Association.

Different actors in Tahko area need digitalized services and smart technology. SmartTahko will offer also various opportunities for researchers and universities, who concentrate on smart technology and digitalization. 

Working together and participating in the project has already begun. All area's residents and companies are invited to join the team. The first meeting will be organized at the end of June, and a customer survey is already underway.

The Tahko area Association is intensively involved in the Smart Tahko project. We see huge growth potential in the area, emphasizes Kari Heiskanen, chairman of the Tahko area Association.

The project planning was started together with TAHKOcom and the Tahko area Association. The necessary corporate financing was raised with the help of Break Sokos Hotel Tahko and PNT-Group.

SmartTahko project is showing an example to other regions and travel destinations how to utilize smart technology in tourism. It is wonderful that this project enables to make sustainable actions visible, Tarkiainen concludes.







Added on: 02.06.2021