Tahko's area is developing itself as a sustainable holiday village

This autumn Tahko's companies focus on sustainable development.

Tahko's companies are involved in "KierRe" project. The point of this project is to delevop Tahko's area as a sustainable holiday village. Companies will assemble all challanges togerher and figure out together how these things could be improved.

"Sustainable travelling is very important thing for Tahko area and it's great that we have possibility to make Tahko more sustainable together with private companies and City of Kuopio. Nowadays travellers know well about environmental issues, so we need to be aware also. Especially recycling and public transport have been mentioned often recently." says Isa Maria Kuosmanen, the vice president.

Kuopio's goal is to be capital of well being and forerunner in sustainable development.

Added on: 25.06.2019