Tahkovuori Disc Golf Park

Long -awaited Tahkovuori Disc Golf Park was opened today on Tahko slopes!

Tahkovuori Disc Golf Park is suitable for professionals and beginners. This course has AA1 certificate which means:

-Full 18 Fairways

-Medium length 133 meters (Has to be 100-140 m)

-Par 59 (Has to be at least 58)

-Official frisbee baskets


-Built-in throwing places



The fairways lenght is overall 2406 meters and the total length with transitions is 6 km.


There are many places to start the course. By car you get close to three different Fairways:

-Panorama Bar (F1)

-Western Slopes parking area(F3)

-Pehkubaari (F10)

In addition the fairway 13 starts from the top of Tahko Stairs

Link: 1532688012_tahkovuori_dgp_va-cc-88yla-cc-88kartta.pdf

Attachment: tahkovuori_dgp_va-cc-88yla-cc-88kartta.pdf

Added on: 27.07.2018

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