New in season 17/18!!

The next season will be even more fun with new activities!

-The first part of ski track will be opened on 13th of October The skiing is possible in Tahko already from 13th of October, when the first part of ski track will be opened to Tahkolahti. The rest part of the ski track will open when the weather is suitable. -Famous Tahko ’s stairs will open in the end of october The longest stairs in Finland will be built at Tahko. -SuperCorner arrives to Tahko Spa In December, SuperCorner will bring to Tahko 1,000 squares of fun for the whole family. Experience all the different activities and games, test the year round adventures, whatever the weather is. -IceKarting will be possible in Tahko IceKarting will start operating in winter season first in the Event Park and when weather is, suitable karting cars will move on the lake ice.

Added on: 26.09.2017

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