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Kids’ Tahko

Tahko is a perfect holiday destination for families with kids! There is plenty to do from morning till night – we promise you won’t get bored! On the slopes of Tahko, the children’s lift and slope are located next to the main lifts and slope restaurant Tiroli. Children under 7 wearing a helmet have free admittance to all lift when accompanied by a parent! The kids’ ski school Werneri offers a fun way to learn skiing for children over four – and naturally it is also possible to have private skiing lesson.

There is also plenty of snow fun in the kids’ hill on the lower part of Special hill, where the children can ride their sleds and toboggans. The other, smaller sledding hill is located next to the children’s downhill skiing slope. If you prefer a warmer ride, you will enjoy a ride on a sleigh pulled by a horse, where you can just sit back and relax under warm blankets.

In winter, the frozen lake provides a wonderful setting for many activities. There are often reindeer rides for kids (additional information tel. +358 50 511 0650). Animal lovers get to ride in a dog sled on the popular husky-safaris, too. More information on safaris, tel. +358 50 912 6371 / Tahko Tours.

A place of guaranteed fun for kids is the children’s snow mobile track on the ice of Tahkolahti, just outside the premises of Ketunpolku Safarit ja Seikkailut.

Also Tahko Spa has many activities for children. The spa has a water slide, kids’ pool, water toys, swimming lessons and weekly programme in the pool area. In addition, kids have a brand new play area Kidius Corner, children’s bowling alley, their own menu at the restaurant and possibility to play floor-ball, indoor football or badminton at the multifunctional arena.

At Sokos Hotel Tahkovuori, children have their own play area where they can splash into the ball pit. There are also many events for children and youngsters throughout winter.

If the parents wish to spend a night together, there are also qualified babysitters available at Tahko area. The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare offers short time babysitting services. Please call +358 (0)50 - 3821 891 (Mon-Fri 8-12am). Also the local 4H has 14-28-year-old boys and girls who can work as babysitters. Information and reservation from Nilsiä 4H: tel. +358 400 637 013.

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